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NABE Digital Badge #5
Badge 5 examines the historical foundations of race and racism in the U.S., analyzes biases and racism at various levels, and facilitates the creation of an action plan in order to become an agent of change.
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NABE Digital Badge #4
NABE’s fourth badge, Biliteracy, examines the practices that need to be in place in a dual language program to provide an environment that promotes biliteracy and ensures academic achievement in two languages.
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Instructional Resources
Check out newly published NABE instructional resources "Dual Language Programs" and "Biliteracy" with interactive content and infographics.
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Badge #3 - Instruction
NABE’s third badge, Instruction, examines the ways in which instruction in a dual language program addresses the goals of bilingualism through instructional practices, technology integration and equitable assessments.
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