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NABE Digital Badge #4
NABE’s fourth badge, Biliteracy, examines the practices that need to be in place in a dual language program to provide an environment that promotes biliteracy and ensures academic achievement in two languages.
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Instructional Resources
Check out newly published NABE instructional resources "Dual Language Programs" and "Biliteracy" with interactive content and infographics.
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Badge #3 - Instruction
NABE’s third badge, Instruction, examines the ways in which instruction in a dual language program addresses the goals of bilingualism through instructional practices, technology integration and equitable assessments.
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Distance Learning Resources for
Dual Language
In our current climate, "distance learning" presents a steep curve for many bilingual and dual language learners. Join NABE's new Facebook Group for teachers, parents and students to ask questions and explore resources.
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50th Annual
NABE Conference
Learn more about the NABE's mission and the new Learning Portal at the 50th Annual NABE International Conference in Houston, TX on January 19-22, 2021!